Helpful Hints for an Easy Group Breakfast

This year at Meltdown, in order to keep registration prices down, we are asking groups to provide their own breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Here are a few ideas on how you can easily and cheaply accomplish this!!

1. Buy fruit, milk/juice, and breakfast pastries/bagels at SAMS and do a “continental breakfast” in the rooms or at a central meeting place.
2. Buy bags of cereal and bring milk in a cooler. Cheerios! Yayy!! (Don’t forget bowls and spoons)
3. Early in the morning drive around the corner and order sausage biscuits (or burritos?) from McDonalds. It’s 1 dollar a biscuit, so for a group of 20…well, you can do the math!
4. This is easier for smaller groups, but, early in the morning you can hit up the Waffle House!! There are a couple that are a close drive from the resort. Though driving off the property might be hard for many groups, this could be an option for some.
5. Though we hope that these hints help you, we know that you are an innovative youth leader!! So just use your imagination, and we’re sure you can come up with a wonderful breakfast!
6. This year the hotel is offering a full breakfast for groups of 25 or more. This breakfast will cost roughly $11-$12 a person. For more information on this option, contact Julie Dunkin at 850-230-4681 or at

If you forget any breakfast supplies for your group, there is a Walmart just around the corner from the Boardwalk Beach Resort.

Any questions? Email Stuart at


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